Why Turn Out the Lights?

Ever since our first episode aired back in 2011, we've been signing off with our tag line "Don't Forget to Turn Out the Lights." It's only appropriate to hit the lights before you leave a locker room!


    Dont forget to turn out the lights at the Scott Trade Center. Adios St. Louis, thanks for an unforgettable weekend! #Archmadness #MVCHoops #StLouis #ScottTradeCenter
    Lights. Camera. Action #midnightmadness #ramblersportslocker
    Devon Turk is getting ready for #MidnightMadness. Are you? Come join us! #RamblerSportsLocker
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  • Meet the Crew

    Nick Amatangelo - Co-Producer/Anchor/Reporter
    Leia Bacuyag - Anchor/Reporter/Studio Assistant
    Freshman Film & Digital Media Production Major from the cornfields of Urbandale, Iowa. Aspiring to stamp my name on the big screen and work among the greats. If you say sport, I'll say fencing. Otherwise, I grew up cheering for the Iowa Hawkeyes. In any other case, I will always cheer for the underdog. Often found in the IC at ungodly hours. I specialize in words. When I asked where I could get production experience outside the classroom, I was directed to RSL. By my first episode with the crew, I knew two things: this is definitely an experience I can grow from and I found a group of role models.
    Rebekah Baer - Anchor/Reporter
    Audrey Bailey - Anchor/Reporter
    Junior Broadcast Journalism major in from Carmel, Indiana. I was introduced to the sports locker against my will, actually. At the beginning of my sophomore year one of my friends dragged me to a meeting and well, the rest is history. I've always been a huge Chicago sports fan so being part of a sports broadcast show seemed fitting. Plus, I loved how welcoming and kind everyone was. I guess you can call it fate.
    Amanda Bonafiglia - Anchor/Reporter
    Ralph Braseth - Presiding Professor
    By fate, curses and blessings, Braseth was born to be a teacher. A journalism professor and journalist, Braseth has served as Loyola's manager of student media for five years. Before coming to Chicago, Braseth served as an administrator and journalism professor for 21 years at Ole Miss including a 10-year stint as director of student media. Braseth's approach to student media centers on directly challenging students and asking them to do more than they've ever done before. "Discomfort is the sweet spot for learning." Braseth has degrees from Western Washington University, The University of Missouri School School of Journalism and the University of Mississippi. One of Braseth's career highlights includes helping more than 200 students get their first jobs in the news business.
    Emily Brown - Anchor/Reporter
    Jessica Brown - Presiding Professor
    Megan Carabelli - Co-Executive Producer/Anchor/Reporter
    Senior broadcast journalism major, hailing from Disco, Michigan. Her hobbies include screaming at the TV during all Detroit sporting events, screaming at people wearing Blackhawks gear, and, of course, screaming at people who think Sidney Crosby is a human.
    Kristina Carbonara - Anchor/Reporter
    Joaquin Carrig - Co-Executive Producer In Training/Anchor/Reporter
    Junior Broadcast Journalism major from Greensboro, NC. Avid sports aficionado without an athlete’s body. If you can’t join ‘em, cover ‘em. Men’s basketball beat writer for the Loyola Phoenix. Pursuing a career in either sports analysis or play-by-play announcing. Die-hard San Francisco Giants fan who maintains firm belief in the kid, the freak, Tim Lincecum. Also, watch out for my Carolina Panthers and the bold, courageous SuperCam. Well versed in deadpan sarcasm. Hope that clears up any confusion, I know I’m mysterious. Joined RSL to get experience working on a TV show dedicated to sports. Fantastic learning experience, whether you are filming for a video package, producing the show, or anchoring. Love everyone that is involved with the show. Truly one of the greatest and most beneficial decisions of my life.
    Jamason Chen - Manager of Technology
    Rianne Coale - Marketing
    Jim Collins - Studio Manager/Audio and Video Production Coordinator
    Joe Flaherty - Co-Executive Producer/Anchor/Reporter
    Senior Broadcast Journalism major from Chicago, IL. When I finally came to the realization in high school that I wouldn't make a living playing sports, I figured I might as well try and make a living talking about them. I was lucky enough to sit in on a 'Waddle and Silvy' broadcast at ESPN Radio 1000 and I was hooked. Since then, I've gained experience in every broadcast medium except radio, which is next on my list. When I'm not on camera, I'm hopelessly rooting for the Cubs and patiently waiting for Derek Rose to return to the United Center. Outside of the Blackhawks, Chicago sports may not be in the best shape at the moment, but I'll never stop supporting my teams: Cubs, Hawks, Bulls and Bears (sorry, White Sox).
    Nabeel Hasan - Anchor/Reporter
    Madeline Kenney - Anchor/Reporter
    Freshman Journalism major from Lincoln, Nebraska. I joined the sports locker because I thought it'd be a good experience and I love sports. Go Big Red!
    Alison Krakowiak - Anchor/Reporter
    Freshman with an undecided major from Valley City, Ohio. I joined the Sports Locker because I knew it was a fun environment where I would be able to get involved in something I am interested in. I am also hoping that by working here I will be able to gain a better insight of what I want to do once I graduate.
    Chris Lehman - Anchor/Reporter
    Senior Broadcast Journalism major born and raised in the City of Angels. I recently relocated to Cincinnati, OH, but as a Cali boy you already know I rep my Lakers all day every day and bleed purple and gold. Basketball was my first true love, but future height restrictions would eventually lead me elsewhere, to the world of track & field. But don’t get me wrong, I still get buckets. As for the NFL, growing up watching Reggie Bush led me to become the die-hard Saints fan I am today. Currently I’m a sprinter for the Ramblers’ Division 1 track team. Between running and my journalistic endeavors, I spend my remaining time dominating fantasy football. Just ask The Locker. If all goes as planned, in some years I will be a sports analyst or color commentator.
    Milap Mehta - Anchor/Reporter
    Bridget Murphy - Anchor/Reporter
    Grace Runkel - Co-Execuitive Producer In Training/Anchor/Reporter
    Freshman Journalism major, (unfortunately) from Floyd's Knobs, Indiana. I joined the Rambler Sports Locker knowing little about broadcast journalism, and absolutely nothing about sports. Despite those minor details, the crew at the Locker took me in and graciously allowed me to get involved right away. Whether I’m behind the camera or in front of it, I learn something new each week and get hands-on experience you can’t find anywhere else at Loyola. Above all, I am grateful for the amazingly talented and supportive group of people I get to work with on a weekly basis.
    Jillian Schwartz - Anchor/Reporter
    Brigitte Sheerin - Co-Producer/Anchor/Reporter
    Senior Broadcast Journalism major and Sports Management minor from Attleboro, Massachusetts. An avid sports fan and a die-hard Boston sports fan. Showed up to the last Sports Locker episode of Fall 2011 and have been a part of the team ever since. I am a former basketball and softball beat writer for the Loyola Phoenix and am now trying my hand at news as the news editor of the Phoenix. Joining the Rambler Sports Locker was the best decision I ever made. I made some of my closest friends through the Sports Locker and will forever be grateful for the experience and the memories.
    Arianna Slater - Anchor/Reporter
    Maria Szatkowski - Anchor/Reporter
    Junior Broadcast Journalism major from Detroit, Michigan. I'm also minoring in Italian and Japanese. I joined Rambler Sports Locker because of the great experience that comes with being apart of it. Even though I am not the biggest sport enthusiast, I enjoy being apart of such a fun and great production. RSL has helped me learn a lot of the broadcast essentials, both in front and behind the camera. Unfortunately I will be studying abroad in Rome for the Spring 2014 semester, but am looking forward to returning to RSL next fall.

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